The origin of the Catahoula started with the war dogs brought to North America by the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto in 1539 . These dogs were mastiffs and grey hounds which were used for hunting and for protection. When the Spanish departed North America they left behind some of these dogs in Louisiana. The local Indians cared for these dogs and they were bred to the Red Wolf, local to Louisiana at that time. Some time later, French settlers of Louisiana bred these wolf-dogs to the Beaucheron. It is thought that either the red wolf or the Beaucheron is responsible for the "leopard" coat pattern and blue eyes in the breed. In 1979 Governor Edwin Edwards signed a bill making the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog the Official State Dog of Louisiana.

Catahoulas are loyal to their people and protective of their property. They are a highly intelligent but independent minded breed. The breed’s origin as a multi-purpose hunting and herding dog required them to be assertive. These dogs have traditionally been used for hunting feral hogs, coons, deer, bear and squirrels. They are also used as herding and stock dogs, to gather and pen cattle. They are a very versatile breed. Today Catahoulas can be found doing multiple tasks including Search and Rescue and competing in dog sports such as obedience, agility and flyball.

A Catahoula requires consistent obedience training from a young age. Catahoulas also require lots of exercise and interaction with their owner. A Catahoula, if given the exercise and attention it demands, is a joy to own. If they are left on their own without adequate exercise, they quickly become bored and destructive to property. They are not the right breed for a first time dog owner. They require an experienced and patient owner who keeps interest and has the time to put into raising a pup to its full potential. Obedience training from a young age is essential.

At Evangeline Catahoulas we stand behind the dogs we breed. We will take back any dog we breed at any time for any reason. This includes a refund of the original purchase price of the pup.
We aspire to breed quality pups, not quantity pups. We care about the new homes our pups are going to. Our policy is also to sell based on us having the right of first refusal if a pup is to be re-homed by a purchaser. This means that if you buy an Evangeline Catahoulas pup and decide to sell or re-home it later, Evangeline Catahoulas has the right to exercise the option to purchase the pup back at the original sale price.

We have the best of intentions for any pups we breed and we expect new owners to abide by any agreements they have committed to.

Puppies are whelped and raised indoors to provide the opportunity for maximum socialization. Shipping can be arranged and the cost of shipping will be the resposibility of the new owner. Final puppy selection may not be completed prior to the litter reaching six weeks of age. This is in order to give us the opportunity to evaluate the litter regarding temperament, conformation, working ability and any special considerations and to place the pup in an appropriate home. Evangeline Catahoulas reserves the right to withhold any pup from sale to a new home for any reason.

A one hundred dollar deposit is required to be put on the waiting list. This deposit is fully refundable if you decide that no puppy meets your requirements.

All pups will be guaranteed to be in good physical health. All pups will have undergone age appropriate worming and vaccinations.